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Smallwater Fishing is intended to be a resource for people who fish from the shore, on foot, or in small craft like kayaks and canoes.  There are lots of sites with information for people who have trailered boats.  There is a lack of information for people who fish from the bank or use only small craft–hopefully this site will help those without a bass boat find good fishing. 

I decided to start this site after spending several years searching for info about places to fish on foot.  Typically, I could find the name of a waterbody, and little else.  Living in Central Kentucky, fishable water is relatively hard to come by.   After years of effort, driving, and trying to find decent places to cast a line, I have collected a fair bit of information about where to fish without a fishing boat.

This spring, I bought a sit-on-top fishing kayak.  I keep it on the wall in my garage, and have removable racks to carry it on top of my Jeep.  At less than 60 pounds, I can manage it pretty well on my own.  I have spent most of the warm weekends of the year on the water, finding various small lakes in the area.  I still fish on foot, as well, wading local creeks and finding small ponds.

I hope you can find a new place to fish near you–my posts are about Central Kentucky fishing (within an hour or so of Lexington).  In time, I hope to begin branching out with posts from others from around the country.  Thanks for looking!

The Water Awaits

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