Game ON!

The winter was too long this year, for sure.  I’ve managed to make it out twice in the last few weeks, as the weather is finally improving.  A recent trip to Red River Gorge turned up no fish, but a nice day, and a visit to Scott County Park yielded a decent stringer of rainbow trout.  It is a bit early to hit the Elkhorn or cast for largemouth in the local lakes, but trout are full-on ready to go.  If you get the chance, work out those casting muscles in some of the local waters–the FINS program with KDFWR is actively stocking trout these days in numerous lakes around the state.  Their website has the details.

As I get the chance, I’m also adding pages pertaining to kayak fishing, with a focus on freshwater (there is a pretty good bit of info out there for saltwater yak fishing).  I can use your help–feel free to comment, query,  or otherwise submit articles, tips, questions and ideas to help fill this out.

2 thoughts on “Game ON!”

  1. Me and a good friend have went to Elkhorn and Lake Reba thus far this year getting ourselves used to our new hobby of Kayak fishing. We’ve had a few crappie and some small(ish) small mouth caught on the Elk and a few small(ish) large mouth out of Lake Reba thus far. Look forward to more updates on the fishing.

  2. I’m glad to see a page on small water kayak fishing. I have spent lots of time in Arizona Fishing from my Swifty and I’m looking forward to getting my Kayak out on the local lakes here in Kentucky.

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