Landowner Fishing Access Program Announced

UPDATE: 7/28/2011 KDFWR has a new page listing recently acquired access sites on the Elkhorn and other waters. Click here to see the page.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife recently announced the Landowner Fishing Access Program, which provides financial incentives to landowners with farm ponds, stream & lake access, or private boat ramps to open for public use. If you are a landowner interested in participating, make contact with the department at

I will definitely be watching updates and announcements about this program–additional access is what Smallwater Fishing is all about.  Incidentally, KDFWR is also offering a similar program for private land opened to the public for hunting.

If you hear anything, see articles, or other information, please share it with us in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Landowner Fishing Access Program Announced”

    1. I’ll forward information as soon as I see anything posted. If you follow the link to the fish and wildlife department page, you should be able to find the latest program updates.

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