2011: On the water again

Fish and Wildlife has begun spring stocking of FINS lakes and seasonal trout streams. I had the chance to fish at Scott County Park last week after work one day, and landed three nice little rainbow trout. My friend, recently returned from Afghanistan, brought his two sons out as well.

There are trout-stocked waters all over the state. You can read about some of them on this site, but you can definitely get detailed information on the FINS (Fishing in Neighborhoods) program on the KDFWR site.

More fishing and more stories to come this year. Glad to see winter start to give up the ghost…finally.

2 thoughts on “2011: On the water again”

  1. Anyone know of any ponds around Boyd County? I used to know of a few but they’ve all either been turned into pay lakes or been closed for one reason or another. One BIG problem is people leaving trash all over the place. WE always take trash bags and when the kids get tired of fishing they go around and pick up trash. They get really excited when they find bobbers and other tackle laying around. It would be great to find a bluegill or crappie pond closer to Ashland than Greenbo or Grayson lakes.

  2. I just recently found this site. It’s good to see a site dedicated to the “average” fisherman. Waters close to home can be some of the best. Do you fish any waters in northern Ky? Boone county? I’ve got a bluegill pond that regularly produces pound plus fish. Keep up the good work. I think you’re doing Kentucky a great public service.

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