Summer Notes

  • Kayaking the North Elkhorn: Details from a trip through a new section of the creek (for me) (8/28/11)
  • New pages added for White Hall Park Lake, Veterans Park, and an update on Mingo
  • There is a bit of buzz about Jacobson Park Lake–a 5 lb 2 oz largemouth was caught there recently, amongst other nice fish (8/12/11)
  • KY Fish and Wildlife has published a list of new access sites to various waters through their Landowner Access Program (7/28/11)
  • A trip to Wilgreen reveals some problems under the surface (7/17/11)
  • I keep seeing BIG carp in the Elkhorn.  Also seeing BIG catfish there, as well.  I bought some dip bait and rigging to fish for these monsterous fish (up to FOUR FEET in length)…the weekend is approaching.
  • Another quick trip to the North Elkhorn with my nephew and dad last Friday night; non-stop panfish on night crawlers (and a few nice ones for the grill!) (6/24/11)
  • New scouting report on the Kentucky River below Lock 7 (near High Bridge) now available on the Kentucky River Page
  • Quick trip to the North Elkhorn last weekend yielded a decent 13″ Kentucky Bass, below Robinson Dam, on a sunfish pattern roostertail.  The water was very high, but the weather was clear and hot. 
  • A friend fishing the Kentucky River was hitting multiple hybrid stripers yesterday–I’ll try to get locations and pictures, if he’ll give it up!


3 thoughts on “Summer Notes”

  1. Some notes from my adventures since the Spring rains that I hope will help someone:

    I’ve been bass fishing the Dix below Herrington dam once a week since the flood waters from spring have receded. Senko style worms (been using 5″Yum Dinger in Junebug as well as green Yamamoto) Texas rigged weightless have been very productive with my largest one being a 18″ LMB at the confluence with the KY river. I think this stretch of river is overlooked by a lot of people because it is difficult to figure out initially. After consistently fishing it and talking to many friendly old-timers and regulars passing by, I have found that the best success to be had in the most heavily wooded/nastiest snags in the slack water around bends and current breaks from lay downs. I am determined to figure out this stretch of river because of the trophy potential, variety of fish and the beauty of the place.

    Smaller bass tear up a small buzz bait with a red curly tail trailer.

    Further toward the dam where the water temp drops significantly, I have had a little success with Smallmouth on 3″ green Senkos rigged with 1/0 wide gap Texas. The first riffle you meet toward the dam there is a slack water area; I park my boat there at the shoal and cast into the fast flowing water and let it drift in the current until it stops and s-l-o-w-l-y work the worm back up the edge.

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