Indian Summer

November 16
I haven’t made it out too much this fall. A couple of trips to Georgetown, Jacobson…no fish to write about. I’ve spent the last few weekends in the woods and working on the house. This warm weather has me dreaming about a kayak trip…we’ll see.

September 10
I just got home from a week of fishing the beaches, piers, and parks near Charleston, SC.  I’ll update the South Carolina pages with that information soon.

My inbox was full of folks updates, reports, questions and comments–thanks so much for sharing! I’m sorry it took a few days to approve the comments, please keep them coming.  I’ll do some homework and figure out how to “approve” users so that once a comment is approved, subsequent comments are automatically posted. Foreign spambots fill the comment queue with plenty of garbage, so I really do have to sort things out first.  My web skills are decidedly 1998-quality, so it may take a bit of work to rig this to work.

ALL THAT said, Kentucky sure feels better today than when I left last Friday.  It looks like we are sliding into our Indian Summer, which is my favorite time of year here.  Fishing is good when the air cools to the 70s in the day and 60s at night.  With recent rain, things are looking better than last fall (really dry). I’m itching to camp/fish/paddle this fall.  I’ll be certain to post details after I get out there. My buddies and I have been scheming an overnight trip down the Rockcastle River for months–we were rained out back in April–the fall is looking promising.

Keep the comments/reports/information coming.  We all appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer”

  1. My Son In Law and I have discussed a floating trip down the Cumberland River starting just below Wolf Creek Damn. To me those type of outdoors activity are the best.

    As per my experiences with the Small Mouth of the fall, I have found over a period of 10 to 12 years that if the water is at or above normal pool, fishing the short cutins off the main lake at Cumberland plunking jigs in the back of the run in. (longest sentence award) 🙂

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