1/1/12 : Happy New Year! Taking advantage of the warm weather this week, I’ve been trying to fish whenever possible.  A quick trip to Jacobson on Friday yielded nothing but wind-blown frustration.  I headed back to Scott County Park yesterday.  Weather was calm, sunny, and beautiful, and I caught two rainbow trout on bright spinners.  Took me a while longer than last Monday (see below), but I didn’t mind spending time outside.  Winter will be here soon enough…

I put my smoker to use last night, and smoked both trout for about 90 minutes over hickory.  They came out perfectly cooked and delicious–a great new years treat my wife and I both enjoyed.

Get out to the FINS lakes whenever you can during this great weather–trout are jumping and ready. I hope you have a great new year, and I look forward reporting on more locations and hearing about your fishing stories in 2012!


12/26/11 : Just got back from a quick trip to Scott County Park. I thought I’d see if the recently stocked trout were active. I filled my five fish limit in one hour, using a rainbow-trout patterned in-line spinner, medium retrieve, about a foot under the surface. Three were recent stock (about 8-9 inches) and two were bigger (12-13 inches). The 13 inch was heavier and chunkier, and put up a solid fight. He must have been a spring stock that made it through the summer.

Rainbows cleaned, bagged, ready for skillet
Smoked Rainbow Trout

Tell us about your winter fishing successes in the comment box below. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Winter=Trout”

  1. I have heard that the trout at Whitehall pond are pretty active right now. I caught two a few weeks back in about an hours time. I was using rainbow powerbait held about 2 foot off bottom. the wind made it hard to detect bites so I ended up gut hooking both of them. I hate to kill fish I’m not going to eat so I gave up and switched to bass fishing. I didn’t have any luck however there was another guy there catching little channel cats one ofter the other using night crawlers on bottom.

  2. I’ve only been to Bullock once. Tried fishing for bass, with no luck. Apparently the catfishing is good there. Especially at the dam.(go to Reynolds boat launch for more info on bass and catfish tourny’s)
    On a different note. I went down to Big Bone creek(Big Bone State Park, Boone county)today. Caught two rainbows. 8 and 12 inches. I was using a small white spinner. Oct. 31st thru March 31st is catch and release only. I ended the day at Camp Ernst lake. Caught one more small rainbow using corn. Had plenty of runs, but missed them.

    Admin. I love your site. I wish you had more time to dedicate to it. Is there any way that others can add topics on here? I’m a big fan of the FINS program and visit those lakes frequently. If there was a way to post new topics, I could be your northern Ky reporter. Even if not, I enjoy what you do here.

    1. Fred: I wish I could do it full time, but life is full of other demands. Thanks for your update, though. I’d love to see the site more active with user comments (hint hint, everybody else!)

  3. I have been going to Camp Ernst lake here in Boone county. A fews weeks back my buddy and I caught 21 rainbows between the two of us. I went back yesturday and found the first freeze over of the season.

    Is anyone fishing Lake Polliwog in Grant county? I would like to know if it’s still open water before driving a half hour. Thanks.

    1. I haven’t really gotten up to Northern KY to fish. My wife’s family is from Grant County, and every year I plan to take my kayak to Bullock Pen, which is around the corner from her grandmother’s farm. If you have any other locations or reports from Northern KY, we’d love to hear them!

  4. Thanks for the report on this pond. I went today and caught four trout quickly and could have caught more if I had time. The first two I caught on a yellow rooster tail and the second two on powerbait. I switched to powerbait when I saw another man catch his limit in about 30 minutes. I will definitely return for more trout fishing. Thanks

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