New Year, new developments

You may notice some new pages being added, including a new Northern Kentucky section.  There are a variety of other odd pages showing up (Activity, Groups, Etc.).  I am not (obviously) a web designer, but I am working on adding more functionality to Smallwater Fishing. Hopefully, we’ll soon have forums attached to various subjects on the site, and readers will quickly and easily be able to comment, upload pictures, and communicate with each other directly, instead of submitting a comment and waiting for me to moderate. I’m trying to be smart about it, though, because foreign spam bots bombard the comment inbox already, so it will take some tweaking before this will be able to work on its own. Nobody wants to go into a forum filled with spam from fake pharmacies and “brand name watches”.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your comments and suggestions.  I’ll post updates as they come along, and HOPEFULLY spend more time reporting on fishing than coding web pages.


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