Spring 2012

WOW…we skipped winter, and almost skipped spring.  I’ve made it out a time or two recently, but was sidelined by a broken reel (my last trip to the KY river consisted of two casts, and the reel snapped off; Okuma said it was a defective model, and fixed it for free).  A trip to Scott County Park with a cruddy back-up combo I bought for $10 last year yielded nothing but lots of trout jumping (mocking me, really) and two little bluegill.  The reel is back in order, and I’m ready to start hitting the water again.

I tried to get a trip together on the Rockcastle River last spring, but the trip was washed out.  We’re planning it again in a few weeks; hopefully it pans out this time.

I shot footage and edited a short piece on my sauger trips, but the video editor has gotten gunked up, and won’t render the final version properly. As soon as I get that resolved, I’ll post it on the Youtube channel, and hopefully add more videos this year.

That’s about it at the moment–spring bass should be hitting pretty well now. I’ll go test my theory this week….

Thanks–and let us all know where you’re fishing and what you’re catching in the comments!

3/25: Went to Lock 7 on the KY River again–cast several bright worms/grubs for sauger, but no bites. I didn’t see anyone else catching, either.  Sauger may have moved downstream…

Also, the sauger video has been uploaded.  Definitely Emmy material.

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