August on the Elkhorn

8/12/12 I took the kayak out for a trip on the Elkhorn this afternoon. The water flow was very low–around 8 cfs. I launched into the pool above Robinson dam, and paddled about half way to Great Crossings. The water was completely still, and covered in duckweed and algae.

I wasn’t really sure about what to expect, paddling through pea soup. After I launched, it became obvious that I could use this to my advantage. Bait fish were running and jumping all over the surface. Predators underneath chasing the schools out of the water–I switched to a yo-zuri pin’s minnow. No hits. Then I tied on a chartreuse roostertail, and a couple of throws later I landed a small smallmouth. I had the color, lure, and method figured out, looking for bait swells, casting across the boil, and swimming the bait through the bait ball. Soon I landed a nice little 12″ largemouth, followed by a 10″ smallmouth.

Over a two hour period, I caught four decent smallmouth and three decent largemouth. Additionally, I caught over thirty small largemouths and smallmouths. Pretty much non-stop.

I figured out that if you look for gaps in the duckweed, in areas that are otherwise completely covered, bass are hanging out there, feeding heavily. The fish weren’t huge, but they were heavy, and well fed.

Fat little bass on the North Elkhorn

3 thoughts on “August on the Elkhorn”

  1. This stretch of water is my favorite hole on the north fork. it has yielded some great largemouth . I have caught fish up to five pounds in recent years. Its not as good as the main fork for smallmouth tho. Jigs pitched into heavy cover and 12 inch power worms have produced my biggest catches by far. Late fall has been my best time for fishing this stretch. It’s kind of hard to get a trailered boat into this stretch because the only boat ramp is private and blocked. It’s a great stretch for kayaks and jhon boats. Believe it or not this stretch you used to be able to wade the whole way. Ever since they redid the dam it’s much deeper. Hope this helped anyone who may want to fish this spot. Tight lines!

  2. Went out Sunday Afternoon on Elkhorn behind my house and fished for about 2 hours. Caught 3 small fish rather quickly and then threw a Mepps yellow inline in an area where there were some rock and caught a 13inch Smallie and 3 Largemouth from 12 to almost 13 1/2.
    Just out getting my fishing fever down before having eye surgery this Wednesday the 15th.
    Will not be fishing for a while but will be back as soon as I can. Everyone take care and God Bless.

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