Late Summer 2012

10/21/12: I spent a couple of hours at White Hall in Madison County. Weather was nice, and the trout were jumping. I couldn’t connect with any, but some folks were nailing them left and right. I couldn’t see exactly what they were throwing, but it looked like a black spinner. The water at White Hall is crystal clear; this can cause fish to spook easily, so dark colors make sense. Nice to finally get a couple of hours on the water… 

9/24/12: Good news for Lexington anglers–it was reported this morning that Jacobson Park will be added to the FINS program. A decent management program has been a long time coming for Jacobson–this is a big step in the right direction. 

9/22/12: The weather is shifting into fall. I went to Robinson on the Elkhorn for a couple of hours. Beautiful day, cool weather, water was a bit cool. Fish, not so much into what I was offering. One small smallmouth, one sunfish. Quiet, though.

9/9/12: Salvisa Pond VPA–I fished this pond for a couple of hours. It is fairly close to Lexington–about 25 minutes from the around the airport. I caught a couple, but the father & daughter next to me caught bluegill non-stop. This is also a public dove field, if you’re into that sort of thing.

8/27/12: I spent a couple of hours fishing Scott County Park Lake on Sunday. Pretty slow overall–one 12″ bass and a couple of little ones, all on a chartreuse roostertail. I did see one nice, 20-ish inch bass sleeping under a bush at the water’s edge. No interest whatsoever in what I was throwing.

8/19/12: A new page for Willisburg Lake has been added after a trip there yesterday afternoon. The lake is easy to find, accessed quickly from the Bluegrass Parkway [exit 42, south 3.2 miles]. Lots of crappie, but bass are a challenge. Read about it in the report, and leave your tips, tricks, and suggestions on the comment page.

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