Spring 2013

Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake


A trip to Beaver Lake with a friend today yielded one half-decent bass and several smaller fish. More on the Beaver Lake page.

3/30/13: A friend invited me to camp/fish on the bank of a private lake in Fayette County (pictured below). It was a bit cold for camping, but we did get in a bit of fishing. I caught one decent white crappie, a small largemouth, a bluegill, and a lake perch. I haven’t seen perch in this area before, but apparently the lake is stocked at the whim of the property manager.

Dawn, fog and 35 degrees

3/17/13:  It is a big week for trout stocking–looks like most FINS lakes will be stocked this week. Check out the FINS page for details…

3/16/13:  I know that it is technically not spring for another week or so, but I’m done with winter. I went out last weekend to a few spots in Scott County–The county park, Lake Lusby, and Royal Springs. Really, I just stopped by Royal Springs to see it–it is a canal with a very small park surrounding it. I know that it is a hotspot when they stock trout there.

Lusby is the pond near the high school. It is shallow, and I’ve never actually caught anything there. I did see one guy catch a trout, so it does have fish.

Scott County Park gave me the most action I’ve seen in months. I threw a blood bait on one pole for catfish, and a roostertail on the other pole. I got a quick fight with a trout on the roostertail, but he let go. The bobber on the catfish line disappeared, and I fought with something for several seconds, but it threw the hook. I switched out the roostertail for a red garden worm on a small hook and slip bobber. With that rig I caught one smallish trout, and fought, nearly landing the first bass of the season. Not a big bass, maybe 10 inches, but good to see them active again.

Well, time’s a wastin’…64° and sunny today. Time to fish…



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