Late Spring 2013

5/25/13: A friend and I took kayaks to the Elkhorn. We put in above Robinson Dam and paddled toward Great Crossing, fishing along the way. Lots of small bluegill and bass, and one “slab” redear sunfish that  jumped the hook as I pulled him into the boat. We paddled up Cane Run, which is navigable for a few hundred yards. My friend caught some crawdads, but they didn’t manage to attract anything of size.

The forecast said “0% chance of rain”. It drizzled all day. Still, it was nice to get out on the water.

5/10/13: Rain. Rain. Rain.

I really don’t have much to report, unfortunately. We should have PLENTY of water this summer, hopefully…

So, if you have had success in the last few weeks, please share it with us all. This rain has left my fishing high and dry…

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  1. New to this site, just came across it today. looking forward to lots of good reading!

    Haven’t caught anything in last few weeks. Been fishing Jacobson Park. Tired of catching trout. Last batch of catfish they turned loose were very poor, imported from Arkansas. First batch of catfish came from the KY fisheries and were nice large fish. Some of them had to be pulled manually from the hatchery truck.
    For some reason, catfishing has dried up at Jacobson. Can’t seem to catch anything, no matter what I offer on the hook. Same in Scott County and at Whitehall.

    If anyone has some insight on public access areas along the KY River for catfishing, I would appreciate a heads up.

    1. The dams of the Kentucky are theoretically good places for catfishing. On the “Kentucky River” page, there are instructions on how to get to Lock 7, near Highbridge. I know the lock at Boonesborough is publicly accessible, and lock 6 at Nonesuch/Oregon Rd. has been mentioned as a spot that is accessible. High water is a concern, of course (under the “Resources” tab, you can find the USGS Water Level report, and see current levels.)

      Jacobson is a very hit or miss bit of water. Some days it offers nothing but snags and funk, other days you’ll see 17-18″ inch largemouth or massive cats or carp being pulled out.

      The Elkhorn, in my experience, offers the most consistent catching locally. It is beautiful, and nearby.

      Let us know what you find–this site is all about finding places to go without a bass-boat here in Central KY. Thanks for visiting!

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