Summer 2013

9/15/13: Lake Reba…it was beautiful day there today with the kayak. Didn’t catch a thing, couple of hits. There was one guy nailing bass left and right in the weed beds in the back. I couldn’t see what he was throwing, but it was definitely working.

9/1/13:I hit Jacobson Park late in the day. One small catfish on the first cast, on a nightcrawler. Otherwise, a couple of bait-sized green sunfish. I let the cat go, since I didn’t have anything close to a meal, or even a snack. Got a nice sunset shot, though:

Jacobson Park
Jacobson Park 9/1/13

8/3/13: I managed to get out for a couple of hours in the late afternoon, and headed to Sportsman’s Lakes. A couple of hits, no fish. I saw one person catch one decent catfish, out of probably 20-30 around the lake. One of these days, my luck will have to change…

7/29/13: FYI: Fish and Wildlife is stocking catfish this week in FINs lakes around the state. They are stocked at an average of one pound, though some as large as 5-6 pounds are released as well, usually. More information at KDFWR.

7/25/13: So, a spambot attacked over the last few days and dumped hundreds of offers for all kinds of garbage…I just spent two hours clearing out fake users/bogus postings. If you are a human, and I accidentally deleted your profile, I apologize.

7/13/13: Finally got out of the house for a few hours. I stopped at Oser on the Elkhorn in Georgetown to see how things are post-flood. I threw a chartreuse roostertail and hooked a little-ish smallmouth; he threw the hook before I could land him. A couple of hits there, but no fish. I moved on to Scott County Park, where the water level was completely full. I saw bass lying in the flooded brush at the edges, but couldn’t get them to hit anything. There were a few others fishing as well, but nobody seemed to be catching.

It was nice to get out–this my first fishing trip since May. No fish, but good to be on the water.

The low-head dam at Oser.
The low-head dam at Oser.

7/9/13: Thanks to Chad Johnston for South Central Kentucky reports. Also a page was created for Shanty Hollow Lake, near Bowling Green.

6/23/13: It’s officially summer on the calendar, and the weather is HOT.

I haven’t been fishing lately, as my wife delivered our new daughter on May 30th. She likes to stay up all night and sleep all day, making it hard to break away from the house.

So, please keep sharing your updates and stories–I enjoy hearing about it, as does everyone else. I’m looking to return to the water in the next few weeks, hopefully. Enjoy the summer!

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  1. Congrats on the new addition to your family..

    Been a couple of times bream fishing farm ponds & canoed fished for some smallmouth.
    It’s been 1 extreme or the other as far as water levels….plenty of water everywere..gotta wait for it to go down before I can get into some area’s..

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