July 2014

7/26/2014: I went to a lake party at a friend’s private lake near Boston, KY. Its was hot, but I managed to catch two small largemouth and about six nice, heavy bluegill and shellcrackers in about an hour of fishing. A nice addition to a day with friends and a very stormy night.

7/20/2014: A slow day at Scott County Park. I fished there for about an hour, and I believe one person caught a bluegill. I stopped at the Elkhorn in Georgetown for a few minutes, no action there either.

7/13/14: Jacobson Park was pretty dry on Sunday. Water levels are down about two feet, and that is pretty significant for a shallow lake. There was a beach that more or less surrounded the lake. I didn’t see any signs of anyone catching anything (I sure didn’t), but I did see plenty of baitfish in the shallows, occasionally dodging some kind of predator. Tough time to fish Jacobson, but hopefully a bit of a draw-down will improve habitat in the future.

7/3/14: I took a day off work and headed to Robinson Dam. A few others were thinking the same thing, but it was not crowded. I fished in and around the spillway with a brown/orange tail grub, catching several rock bass and sunfish. I switched to a chartreuse roostertail, with similar results. After about an hour, I decided to put my kayak in above Robinson. Throwing the roostertail, I hooked a couple of small sunfish, but nothing substantial. It was overcast, in the 70s, and there was a breeze, a nice change from the recent stifling weather. No big fish stories to tell, just a nice couple of hours off…

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  1. Been awhile since I’ve posted. Just wanted to provide a report on a new fishery I’ve been hitting hard this summer. Been fishing Green River around Munfordville area in Hart County. So far we have caught around 50 smallmouth, 3 big sauger, and countless number of big fat rock bass from my little 10 foot Pelican Bass Raider. I have seen several people kayaking/canoeing this river and have really enjoyed fishing there this summer. We have made 4 trips and have trolled about a mile or two up river and then drifted back. Been fishing rock piles with a 3 inch blue pearl grub worm and catching at least 20 fish total every trip. I highly recommend you make the trip if you are ever in south central Kentucky.

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