Fall 2014

11/22/14: It was a nice day, so I decided to try to catch some sauger at Lock 7 on the Kentucky River. I threw white and chartreuse grubs on heavy lead heads for a couple of hours, and got 2-3 solid strikes, but nothing connected. They should be in more of a feeding frenzy later in the winter, so I’ll head back in a month or two…

11/16/14: On a cold Sunday afternoon I went to Jacobson, White Hall, and a quick, cold visit to Lock 10 on the Kentucky River. No fish in any location, but plenty of cold wind and rain….

10/25/14: Benjy Kinman Lake recently opened to the public in Henry County. I took a trip there with the kayak this afternoon, and created a new page with the details….

An eagle's nest at Benjy Kinman Lake
An eagle’s nest at Benjy Kinman Lake

10/23/14: I took the kayak out to Robinson on the Elkhorn for a late afternoon trip. The sun was shining, and air temps of about 60° made it a nice day. Throwing a chartreuse roostertail, on about the third cast, I landed a decent largemouth. A few casts later, another; both were about 11-12 inches. I fished on, paddling up to the bend by the highway, then drifting back slowly. The roostertail produced three largemouths, a Kentucky bass, and a 10 inch smallmouth. Drifting back, I tied on a shakeytail weedless tube minnow, and slowly retrieved near structure along the creek’s edge. Soon, I hooked a nice 14-15 inch largemouth who put up a good fight. The finale was a 15-inch smallmouth, using the same retrieve–a nice fish. By that time, the sun was disappearing, and the temperature dropping, so I headed in.

The bass were obviously actively feeding–typical for this time of the year. There was a pattern to what was working for me, though. The sun was behind me, and I was casting downstream, retrieving upstream. Every fish that I caught, with both lures, came from this particular presentation. I tried other angles, the other side of the creek, etc., but didn’t even get a hit. There was definitely something about the angle of the sun that was working in my favor. I’ve noted this previously, particularly when trout fishing: more fish landed when fishing with the sun behind me. Just something to remember…

10/19/14: It was a beautiful sunny afternoon Sunday, and I decided to look for new access points to fish. Elkhorn VPA, numbers 1, 2 and 3, lie north of Frankfort toward Peakes Mill. I landed one small smallmouth, and fought and lost a couple of others at VPA # 1. The fish were very active, pounding the surface every few seconds, but I couldn’t quite figure out what they were hitting. Nevertheless, the location and conditions were beautiful; a great way to spend an afternoon. (See the new Elkhorn Mainstem page for more info).

Looking Downstream from Elkhorn VPA #2, October 2014
Looking Downstream from Elkhorn VPA #2, October 2014

I stopped at the Sportsman’s Lakes on the way home to hit the recently stocked trout, and they were extremely active. I was there about 30-40 minutes, landing two rainbows, and almost landing two more throwing a chartreuse roostertail. Using a fast retrieve, sort of bouncing it on the surface, multiple trout hit the lure instinctively. Instinctive hits aren’t very committed, unfortunately, so only about one in ten hits manages to hook the fish, and most of those came loose. The constant action was fun, though, and I’ll be putting a couple of trout in the smoker for the first time this season.

10/2/14: I went to Jacobson Park for a couple of hours. The water levels were low, but there was fair fish activity on the lake. I didn’t land anything, but I did tangle with a sizable fish for several seconds before he threw the hook. Good sized bass were jumping 50 feet offshore. The weather was warm and breezy, and made for a nice break. Maybe the rain moving through will change things up a bit…

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