12/26/2014: I returned to Scott County Park toward the end of the day. Right around sunset, the trout became active, and started hitting the chartreuse roostertail. I managed to land one decent rainbow, and fought two others.

12/20/2014: I took a quick trip over to Scott County Park to fish for trout. The water was partially frozen, but the area around the dock was liquid. I had the place to myself. I threw a chartreuse roostertail, and on the second cast, got a solid hit. Over the next hour, I got a number of hits, but no connections. On one retrieve, the lure was directly in front of me, and I saw the silver flash of a trout coming up from the bottom to hit it; he must have seen me and took off the other direction. It was about 3 PM, partly cloudy. I think I’ll try it again after Christmas, and time it to twilight. They seem to connect more frequently in the last hour of sun.

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