2/28/2015: Just a reminder–Kentucky hunting and fishing licenses expire TODAY–renew your license before you head out (after this white stuff disappears!)

2/16/16: Snowed in today, but I just read a release about trout stocking in Hickman Creek, in Lexington. 1,000 rainbow trout are being stocked at Belleau Woods and Veteran’s Parks this week. I’ve written about Veteran’s Park in the past–this is a great development for Lexington’s public fishing scene. This should be a very interesting fishery over the next few months, and very close for folks in Lexington. A list of other FINs stockings is also posted at the KDFWR website. Once this snow slacks off, I’ll definitely be heading back to Veterans Park for a little winter trout fishing.

2/7/15: I tried Lock 7 again for sauger–no dice. There were others there for the same reason, but nobody caught anything. On the way home, I took a detour to go take a look at Lock 6, at the end of Oregon Road near Nonesuch in Woodford County. There was a gate blocking the entrance to the area. I know that anglers are allowed downstream of a dam to fish, but I’m not too sure about gate-hopping to get there. It would be great if it could be worked out between Fish and Wildlife and the KY River Authority to create authorized access to the various dam sites, in a clear and legal way.

1/17/15: Today was the first decent weekend day of the new year, so I thought I’d try to catch some sauger on the Kentucky River. It was 55 and sunny, but I couldn’t get anything to bite. Another fellow was there also, and he said that he hadn’t had any bites yet either. I think it was February the last time I caught sauger there, so I guess I’ll wait a few weeks and try again.

Tell us about your winter trips in the comments below. I know there are others itching to get out and hit the water this year as well, and it’s nice to hear about what is working and where to focus efforts on these rare winter days like today.

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  1. Are there any places that are accessible to fish in the KY River off the bank? I’m 70 years old so I can’t maneuver steep areas
    My Daughter In Law’s Father is coming from Romania this spring. He is used to fishing for catfish on the Danube and catching some big ones. I would like to show him how to catch some KY catfish if we could be so lucky.

    1. That is a great question. Fort Boonesborough, north of Richmond, is fairly easy to access.There is a parking area near a gate that leads to the “beach”, a large, flat sandy area below the dam. The trail from the parking area to the beach is a little bit “rustic”, but not too treacherous (compared to other places I’ve been on the KY River).

      Most rivers and creeks are bordered by steep banks, naturally. Some other ideas for bank-fishing catfish in Central KY might include Lake Wilgreen (just south of Richmond), where there is an accessible fishing dock. I think it’s a $5 access fee, and the lake has been stocked with blue cats (which get BIG) for several years to combat the shad infestation there. I don’t know the sizes there yet, but there is plenty of food. Might be a good place to fish with live minnows/small bluegill or cut bait (blues don’t go for the stink that channel cats prefer).

      Also, I don’t know about easy access, but Taylorsville lake is apparently full of big blue cats also. Guist Creek lake is known for catfish (including a state record); I don’t know about access there either.

      I wish I could give you a solid answer, but as you know, fishing involves a lot of trial, error and scouting around. Let us know what you find, and the outcome. My dad is your age; occasionally I take him out to fish, and have to consider the same thing you do when looking for spots.

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