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6/1/2015: A question was posted about Bullock Pen–can anybody help kyoung?:

I have a Bass tournament on Bullock Pen in August and have never been on the lake before. Is there anyone out there that would give a little advise, direction or support. Thanks for the info in advance, please email to kyoung@sabinapd.com

Thanks, Admin

5/24/15: On Sunday, in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend, I headed to Elkhorn VPA on the mainstem, upstream from Peaks Mill. There must have been a hundred paddlers on this stretch in the two hours I spent–I had considered taking my kayak and using Canoe KY’s shuttle, but figured it might be kind of busy. I was right. One day this summer, when I take off a weekday from work, I’ll try that approach.

Fishing was slow in the shallows, so I started moving along the steep bank. There was a tree down in the water, and underneath the sun was glowing, revealing a dozen or so smallmouth, largemouth, redeyes, bluegills, and a large gar patrolling overhead. The tree was angled away from the bank, and the fish congregated around a split in the trunk, about 10 feet from shore. I decided that dropping live bait in the center of the school would be the best bet on hooking something, since there was little if any room to work any type of lure. I hooked a redworm, and carefully swung it over to the split in the log. A slab sized long-eared sunfish took it, and fought hard. A couple more followed that on succeeding casts. Finally, I was out of bait, last worm. I tossed it back to the school, a bluegill hit, and as I started reeling, the gar grabbed the fish and started spinning, wrapping himself in the line for several seconds, he thrashed as I reeled, then the gar got loose. I landed the small bluegill, with only small tooth marks on his tail. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before…

5/10/15: I went to Robinson Dam on the Elkhorn for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful, the water felt good. I caught several small to medium bluegill and sunfish. It was really nice to get back in the water.

5/3/15: I’ve been watching the flow of the Dix River, and it finally fell to a number I wanted to see (250 CFS or lower). What I didn’t watch was the level of Lake Herrington, which of course, is controlled at the dam. The level of the lake was at 740 feet yesterday, which is about five feet higher than it was last spring (at 735 that day, 250 CFS). The riffle I’d seen before was under 5 feet of water, and it was difficult to get to a point where the water was moving at Dix River VPA. Still, I fished a couple of hours, and caught a few small fish. The guys upstream from me were catching a steady stream of panfish, a good sized sucker, and a couple of biggish buffalo carp. They were using nightcrawlers; I had red worms from the garden. I threw half a dozen lures, but only live bait drew any hits. A very nice day, weather wise.

4/18/15: I finally found time to get out between the rain and other commitments, so I took the kayak to Wilgreen Lake to see if I could hook into the fat, shad-fed bass or the blue cats they started stocking several years ago. The short answer to that question is “no”, but it was a very nice day. There was a lot of life and activity on the surface, and I did have a couple of nice hits, and one bluegill (I wasn’t fishing for bluegill). Nice to get out again, and nice to get a boat on the water for the first time this year, as well.

3/21/15: The weather has turned nice (for the moment), so I went to Scott County Park for a couple of hours late Saturday. Using a small spinner, I landed one trout, and had a couple of hits. Nothing earth-shattering to report, but it was nice to get out after the winter ugliness.

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  1. Have started fishing a small lake in south-central Idaho and first day on water in my float tube I landed 2 small largemouth bass. Fishing was slow but it was so good to be on the water again. I’ve fished from a tube for 30+ years. Three of my sons have boats and I would rather fish from my tube. I am heading to lake today.

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