Summer 2015

9/20/15: First vacation since 2012 last week. I spent several days fishing the surf in South Carolina, catching sharks, bluefish, whiting, and some smaller bait fish. I was throwing a cast net in the surf, and looked up to see a bull shark chasing bait about 20 feet away. I figured I didn’t need finger mullet that badly.


8/9/15: Not a great picture, but I caught this nice little 14 inch blue cat last Sunday. That’s about the speed of my fishing life recently.

7/29/15: I’ve been out a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, to a private lake near Lexington. No big stories to tell.

This coming Saturday, August 1st, I’ll be at Veteran’s Memorial WMA near Georgetown to participate in Jake’s Day, an event put on by the National Wild Turkey Foundation. There will be several fishing related activities and information booths, and the event is family-friendly. They’ve asked me to share information about the website and maybe help direct folks to a few new places to fish–I’m happy to help out. So, if you are in the area Saturday, and looking for something to do (particularly with kids), then head over to the WMA and say hello!

7/3/15: Rain, rain, rain, rain…tried to fish Friday afternoon, rained out again. Summer would be nice…

6/21/15: I fished the private lake again this afternoon. This time I came with my kayak and some bait. I managed to land two nice blue cats, 15″ each, and four other bluegill/shellcrackers.

What is interesting is what I used as bait. Digging in my garden, worms were few and far between. This is normal this time of year. What I did find were japanese beetle pupae and some japanese beetles in the soil. The pupae were cream colored and about 1/2 inch long. I hooked one at the lake, tossed it in, and five seconds later I was fighting the catfish. I hooked the next one, and again , five seconds later a nice cat hit. Later, I hooked the mature beetle, and caught a nice shellcracker. SO, if you’re digging around and find a cream-colored beetle-shaped bug pupae, they are catfish slayers, apparently. For whatever reason, I never considered using japanese beetles for bait. They invade by the thousands in the summer, here; they have a new purpose, as far as I’m concerned.

6/14/15: I fished a private lake most of the afternoon. Bright sun, very windy. A few hits, no fish. Nice to get out.

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