Fall 2015

12/13/15: I decided to take advantage of a warm, sunny day, and headed over to Elkhorn VPA #1. I wasn’t sure what the fishing would be like this time of year. When I arrived, smallmouth were attacking bait on the surface. A good sign. I fished a number of lures, and tried floating a red worm, with no luck. Then I put out a shakeytail imitating a shad pecking the bottom. I got a hit, then on the next cast, I hooked a largemouth, maybe 12-13 inches. He was moving slow, fought slowly. When I got him to the bank, he flopped and threw the hook. No big deal, I would have released him anyway. It was 70 degrees and sunny; always welcomed in December.

11/28/15: I went back to Scott County Park to try to catch some trout again. This time, the conditions were calm, and the water was crystal clear. I caught a small largemouth, and no trout. A guy passing by told me about catching a limit a couple of days earlier at Lake Lusby (the other pond on the other side of the park).

11/21/15: Trout have been stocked in many FINs lakes recently. I went to Scott County Park for an hour or so this afternoon to try to catch a few. I did catch a small-ish largemouth bass, and had a couple of other hits, but the driving wind and rain made it too difficult to feel the line. Another fellow there caught five rainbows, using a worm under a popping bobber.

10/25/15: A couple of hours spent at a local lake yielded a few bluegill, but nothing to really write about. What are you fishing for this fall?

10/18/2015: Fall is here. Cold weather is starting to poke around the edges. I’ve been too busy to do anything fish-related for a while, but this is a good time of year. Bass are feeding heavily in preparation for winter. Let us know what you’re catching in the comments section below!

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