Just a reminder–Kentucky hunting and fishing licenses expired on 2/28/2016. Renew your license today at http://fw.ky.gov.

2/28/16: I spent an hour fishing a private lake Sunday afternoon. The sun was out, but the wind was a sustained 20 MPH. I did, however manage to catch a nice channel cat, about 18″. I used a big fat grub out of my garden–I turned the compost to look for worms and found several. They were white, and the size of my little finger. The fish nailed the grub after about 10 minutes of waiting, and fought hard. Two nice fried fillets, plus several “bites”; my family ate it up. Winter fish taste best, in my experience, and this was no exception.

2/20/16: Water levels have been too high to try for sauger. Lock 7 was at 17 feet Saturday; 13 feet is about as high as you’d want it to be, in my experience. I tried fishing there a couple of weeks ago, at about 14.5 feet, but it was a muddy swell. Maybe next weekend…

1/3/16: I fished Lock 7 for a couple of hours today. A few light hits, but no sauger. Another guy came along, and said that he’s fished there several times each week, for several years. The sauger and walleye aren’t really there yet, but when they come, they come in strong. He showed me a picture from last year of a limit on a stringer; he said he caught them in 21 minutes. He was throwing a chartreuse grub on what appeared to be about a quarter ounce black head. He said February is the best month (that’s when I’ve had the best luck with sauger, as well.) I’ll let you know if I hear anything about fish showing up–I hope to hit them this year.

1/1/16: Happy New Year! KY River levels are falling after the recent rain, and the air has cooled. Should be about time for sauger to start staging below dams. I’m going to try to get out on one of these clear days to try my luck. Let us know how winter fishing is going for you in the comments section below…

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