Summer 2016

Elkhorn Mainstem

8/7/2016: I decided to check out Canoe KY’s shuttle service today. For $15 they shuttle you and your kayak from their store in Peaks Mill (north of Frankfort) up to the American Whitewater put-in at Knights Bridge. It make for a 6 mile paddle that takes 3 hours, with a couple of bottom-grinding shoals and 8-10 mild class-1 spots. A nice little paddle.

I fished along the way, throwing a shakey tail and crawdad-colored grub with no success. Then I saw a guy using a spinner hook something, so I switched to a blue fox spinner. I landed a small smallmouth and a couple of sunfish.

I paddled downstream, and just upstream from Peaks Mill, hooked a nice fish, and after a short fight pulled a nice 18-19 inch largemouth into the boat. He  flipped, threw the hook, and jumped out again. Probably about 3 lbs.

Nice trip, hope to do it again in the fall.

7/31/2016: I checked out VPA 1 and 3 on the Elkhorn mainstem Sunday afternoon. The water was up a little, slightly stained. I cought a couple of sunfish, nothing to write about, really. It was the first time I have actually stopped at VPA 3. There’s not much room there, but there are spots for 3-4 people to fish. The current and position would be ideal for smallmouth.

7/9/2016: I thought the fish might be a bit more active after the rain, but I was wrong. Three hours of fishing yielded nothing Saturday afternoon. Weather was nice, though. Perfect, really.

6/18/2016: I know we’re a few days away, but I’m ready to call it summer. I decided to hit a few spots on the Elkhorn Saturday afternoon. I started out at Robinson Dam, which I haven’t seen since last year. The spring floods really changed a few things around there. I threw a black/chartreuse tube jig for a few minutes, landing one sunfish and several hits.

Next up, I decided to stop at the Forks of the Elkhorn in Frankfort, only to see “Private Property” signs tacked up. Apparently, that site is no longer open. I headed across Steadman Lane, to Peaks Mill Road (1900), to check out the Elkhorn VPA sites 1, 2 and 3. Site 1, as usual, had the 5-6 parking spaces full. I drove on, and ended up at VPA 3. I caught a few small sunfish, and fought something larger for several seconds before it threw the hook. It was a pretty afternoon, and there was a lot of paddling traffic on the creek. Nice to get out…

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