Spring/Summer 2018

8/26/18: Too busy to fish for a while now…should be able to get out in the next week or so, though. What are you catching?

7/8/18: A couple of hours at a private lake yielded nothing…it’s hot…

6/10/18: A quick trip to a private lake was cut short by weather, but I managed to land some bluegill and two decent catfish (15 and 18 inches). Catfish for dinner!

6/3/18: Taylorsville Lake Tailwater is an interesting spot I went to yesterday afternoon. It offers great access to a spot where multiple species can be fished. Check it out at the new Taylorsville Tailwater page.



5/12/18: I finally made it to Otter Creek yesterday. The area is gorgeous, and the fishing was good. Check out the new Otter Creek page for more details.

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