Hot October

10/8/18: Taking a day off, I spent half the day Monday fishing the headwaters and tailwaters of Taylorsville Lake.  After seeing a video shot two days earlier of a guy who hit a white bass run on the Salt River, I headed to the WMA to access the Salt River below Glensboro in Anderson County. No white bass, but I did land a few good-sized bluegill. I figured the walk from the parking area to the river would be waist-high weeds and brush, and I was right.

After an hour or so fishing those muddy banks, I headed over to the other end of Taylorsville Lake, to the Tailwater Access. There I caught a 10 inch largemouth on a heavy chartreuse roostertail, and a small sunfish on a meal worm. Okay for 90 minutes of casting in the roaring water. The mist felt good in the 85 degree heat. A little hot for October, but no complaints here. It will be cold and miserable, soon enough.

Salt River, October 2018

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