Smallwaterfishing.com is owned and operated by John Kirkland, a native of Lexington, Kentucky.  A lifelong angler, hunter and outdoors enthusiast, John started the site in 2009 to share ideas about where to find fishing spots in Central Kentucky and beyond.

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While the site is intended to inspire exploration and good fishing, this website is not intended to be an authoritative guide.  The postings are frequently subjective and opinionated…what you might expect to hear if you bump into someone and have a casual conversation about a new fishing spot. The owner of this website cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of information contained in the postings or comments.  The bottom line: use your own common sense when you go fishing, don’t trespass, and be always be a responsible sportsman.  It should also be noted that information, images, and graphics on smallwaterfishing.com are copyrighted, and may not be used without the express written permission of the owner.

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  1. Hey John, I’ve been living in Lexington for about 2 years now and first used your website here as a source for finding spots and figuring out the lexington area. I’ve had a lot of success in the past year and if you were willing I’d love to have a day out with you in the warmer months (if you’re willing to wade the elkhorn).

  2. Hey just stumbled across the website it’s really great. I thought I was the only one fishing the small water. I’ve lived in paris ky my whole life if you ever want to try out stoner creek I can show you a couple places that have public access and show you a few other creeks that aren’t listed. Also one of my favorite places to fish is the licking river

    1. Welcome! I’d love to learn more about Stoner and the Licking. My experience north and east of Lexington is limited, so any new information is great. I’ll send an email to the address you used to register, and we can talk more about it.

  3. John,
    You need to check out the area above the 460 crossing on North Elkhorn. I fish it with my Bass Hunter but have to portage a few hundred feet at one riffle.

  4. Hi, John. Great site!! I recently purchased an anglers kayak and am a long time angler, primarily bass and cats. Drop me an email and I’ll share some info on a Lexington fishery not listed in the margin.

    1. Congrats on the new Yak purchase–they can really change the way a person approaches fishing. I’ll email you separately to hear about your spot…

  5. I like your site John. I fish most all of the waters you do and live in Nicholasville. Send me an email if you need a fishing partner sometime to yak, wade or just bank fish.

    1. Thanks! Maybe we can get together around March to go after some trout, or maybe try to hit the sauger on the Kentucky River in February if water and weather cooperate.
      Stay in touch,

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