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9/1/2019: I got out for a few hours this afternoon to Lake Ellerslie. Using a rainbow colored roostertail, I landed two 10-11 inch largemouths and one 12-inch crappie. Using a chartreuse jig, I caught several small bluegill as well. It was a nice few hours on the water.

Spring 2019

6/22/2019: A couple of hours on the lake yielded two decent catfish for dinner–one on a crappie jig and one on a red worm. What are you catching?

5/27/2019: On Memorial Day, I took my kayak out on a private lake in Fayette County, and had a very productive day; 5 bass, 5 bluegill, 1 “Mirror” carp (8 lbs) and a crappie. All taken on rocky outcroppings, 3-6 feet of water, using a chartreuse curly-tail jig and crappie nibbles.

4/13/2019: I headed to Taylorsville WMA to try my luck with the white bass. It was a slow day, but I did manage to land one white bass and one small bluegill. Weather was nice, and the area is not yet grown over. It was easy to traverse the banks and fields today.

Salt River white bass, 2019

3/31/2019: I hit a private lake yesterday for a couple of hours, with no luck. Last week I took my daughter out, and we pulled in four bluegill in an hour. Fishing has been slow for me, but reports are bubbling up about White Bass runs in the creeks and river systems around the state. I hope I get a day or two in the near future to give them a shot.

Sauger Weather

12/22/2018: As water temperatures drop, sauger begin to stage below dams in rivers and creeks. The Ohio River, Kentucky River, Salt River, and Elkhorn Mainstem hold sauger, and are easily reached from Central Kentucky. In my opinion, sauger are the best eating fish in Kentucky (though crappie give them a run for the money).

Below is a YouTube video I shot a few years ago about sauger on the Kentucky River. Check it out, and tell us about your sauger fishing experiences in the comments!

Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

11/23/2018: I drove over to Southland Christian to check out their pond that recently enrolled in the FINS program. Nothing astonishing to report, but you can see more in the Southland Christian FINS Lake page.

I also headed over to Jacobson Park to see if I could zoom in on any of the trout recently stocked there. No luck. I didn’t see any jumps or other signs of trout, there. I know the state trout stocking has been delayed and possibly spotty this year.  KDFWR page mentions a fishkill at the hatchery last year is causing delays.

I’ll try again for the trout in the next week or two after additional lakes are stocked.

Hot October

10/8/18: Taking a day off, I spent half the day Monday fishing the headwaters and tailwaters of Taylorsville Lake.  After seeing a video shot two days earlier of a guy who hit a white bass run on the Salt River, I headed to the WMA to access the Salt River below Glensboro in Anderson County. No white bass, but I did land a few good-sized bluegill. I figured the walk from the parking area to the river would be waist-high weeds and brush, and I was right.

After an hour or so fishing those muddy banks, I headed over to the other end of Taylorsville Lake, to the Tailwater Access. There I caught a 10 inch largemouth on a heavy chartreuse roostertail, and a small sunfish on a meal worm. Okay for 90 minutes of casting in the roaring water. The mist felt good in the 85 degree heat. A little hot for October, but no complaints here. It will be cold and miserable, soon enough.

Salt River, October 2018

Spring/Summer 2018

8/26/18: Too busy to fish for a while now…should be able to get out in the next week or so, though. What are you catching?

7/8/18: A couple of hours at a private lake yielded nothing…it’s hot…

6/10/18: A quick trip to a private lake was cut short by weather, but I managed to land some bluegill and two decent catfish (15 and 18 inches). Catfish for dinner!

6/3/18: Taylorsville Lake Tailwater is an interesting spot I went to yesterday afternoon. It offers great access to a spot where multiple species can be fished. Check it out at the new Taylorsville Tailwater page.



5/12/18: I finally made it to Otter Creek yesterday. The area is gorgeous, and the fishing was good. Check out the new Otter Creek page for more details.

Winter 2018

3/3/2018: Another cold two hour trip with no results…ready for spring!
2/18/2018: I went out for a couple of hours. Lots of cold wind, not even a bite.

1/28/2018:There have been a few nice days in January, so far. I haven’t gotten out this year, yet, but I do hear and read about what others are doing. I have seen nice crappie, catfish and smallmouth action reported around the state. I have not heard about an active sauger bite, yet.

Let us know what you are catching this year in the comments below!

Fall 2017

12/2/2017: Two successful weekends in a row…last week I caught a 2.5 lb catfish at a private lake, and this weekend I caught a limit of trout at Rolex Lake (pictured). They are stocking them bigger this year, apparently. Three over 12 inches. I caught them using a rainbow tiger rooster tail doped with garlic powerbait.

Limit of trout from Rolex Lake

10/29/2017: I haven’t managed to make it out for several weeks, now. I did get out in October, catching a dozen bluegill and one nice 2-lb catfish. Are you having any luck this fall? Tell us in the comments below.

Summer 2017

8-6-17: Good day on the water yesterday–two largemouth (12″ and 17″), one 2-lb. catfish (pictured) and about 10 bluegill. Great weather this last weekend…

6-26-17: I sneaked out last night, and spent the two hours prior to dark fishing at a private lake. Several bluegill, one fight with what appeared to be a good-sized catfish that threw the hook…The weather was beautiful, and it was nice to get out.