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Fall 2017

12/2/2017: Two successful weekends in a row…last week I caught a 2.5 lb catfish at a private lake, and this weekend I caught a limit of trout at Rolex Lake (pictured). They are stocking them bigger this year, apparently. Three over 12 inches. I caught them using a rainbow tiger rooster tail doped with garlic powerbait.

Limit of trout from Rolex Lake

10/29/2017: I haven’t managed to make it out for several weeks, now. I did get out in October, catching a dozen bluegill and one nice 2-lb catfish. Are you having any luck this fall? Tell us in the comments below.

Summer 2017

8-6-17: Good day on the water yesterday–two largemouth (12″ and 17″), one 2-lb. catfish (pictured) and about 10 bluegill. Great weather this last weekend…

6-26-17: I sneaked out last night, and spent the two hours prior to dark fishing at a private lake. Several bluegill, one fight with what appeared to be a good-sized catfish that threw the hook…The weather was beautiful, and it was nice to get out.

Spring 2017

6/3/2017: I spent several hours kayaking the North Elkhorn after putting in above Robinson Dam. I caught a very nice hybrid sunfish (about 1 pound–a slab!) throwing a chartreuse roostertail. Several smaller bluegill and sunfish, but I couldn’t get any bass to connect. A great day on the water, still.

North Elkhorn, June 2017

5/16/2017: A quick trip to Sportsmans Lakes in Frankfort yielded one hit, no fish. Nobody else was catching anything either…

5/11/2017: Catfish stocking in FINs lakes is going on this time of year. Jacobson Park in Lexington is slated to receive 2300 catfish on May 12. Rolex Lake at the Horse Park will receive 1100 on May 23. Check out the Fish & Wildlife page for more info.

04/05/17: My young daughter is on spring break this week…I took her to a local lake to fish. She caught three sunfish, and Daddy caught none. She can catch all (well, most) of the fish and I’ll be happy.

Spring is here! Look for white bass runs in the Dix and Salt Rivers, and catch late season trout at FINs lakes around the state. Share your current activities in the comment section below.

Winter 2016/2017

1/28/2017: KDFWR has created a page with information about paddling and kayaking in Kentucky. Pretty good source of information.

12/26/2016: It’s been almost three months since I’ve been fishing. Fall is always busy with holidays, family stuff, hunting season, etc. We got a break in the weather on the day after Christmas, and I jumped on the opportunity to check out Lexington’s newest FINS lake at the Kentucky Horse Park. I put together a page to show what I found (check it out here). Caught some trout, and a ton of fairly decent hybrid sunfish. It was nice to get out before this weather decides to come back!

The New Look…

8/11/16: So, I tried to do a little routine maintenance on the website, and the theme I had been using deleted all customizations…oh well. Anyway, the site is fully functional, but it might take me a little while to get this running the way I want it.

Late Summer 2014

9/20/14: On this last Saturday of summer, I spent a couple of hours at Robinson Dam on the Elkhorn. I caught crawdads when I arrived, and used them, catching one decent largemouth and one small shellcracker. Not a lot of catching going on, but the weather was great and the water levels ideal. I was the only one there. The summer has been light on fishing for me…looking forward to cool weather fishing, with the trout and sauger.

Looking at Robinson from the parking area, Sept. 2014
Looking at Robinson from the parking area, Sept. 2014

8/29/14: I ran down to Lock 7 on the Kentucky, but found a completely overgrown path, and the water appeared to be higher than the gauge suggested. Not wanting to go sliding through the deep, snakey brush (I was wearing only shorts and tevas, not ideal), I left and headed toward Nicholasville. I  stopped at Lake Mingo, and again, the place was covered in waterfowl; too many to cast a line, really. So I took back roads and headed over to Jacobson Park. The water levels there were back to normal, and there was a fair amount of activity in the water. A light hit on the first cast, then a small bluegill after a few minutes. I got there about a half hour before dark, so it was a short fishing trip.

8/20/14: Between work, bad weather, and other commitments, it has been hard to hit the water this month. I’m hoping to get out a bit in the next week or two…share your experiences with us in the comments–I really appreciate hearing about it!

2014: Happy New Year!

KY River Sauger
KY River Sauger

1/20/2014: Sauger. I took off for a couple of hours to Lock 7 this afternoon, and reeled in this nice sauger after five minutes of casting a white curly tail on 1/4 ounce. 17 inches, 1.5 lbs. A nice break from the winter weather…

1/4/2014: It is cold. The sun is out today, though, and sauger season should be heating up below dams on the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers. Here’s a link to the video I did a while back about Sauger in Kentucky. If you manage to get out, let us know if they are biting!

Late Spring 2013

5/25/13: A friend and I took kayaks to the Elkhorn. We put in above Robinson Dam and paddled toward Great Crossing, fishing along the way. Lots of small bluegill and bass, and one “slab” redear sunfish that  jumped the hook as I pulled him into the boat. We paddled up Cane Run, which is navigable for a few hundred yards. My friend caught some crawdads, but they didn’t manage to attract anything of size.

The forecast said “0% chance of rain”. It drizzled all day. Still, it was nice to get out on the water.

5/10/13: Rain. Rain. Rain.

I really don’t have much to report, unfortunately. We should have PLENTY of water this summer, hopefully…

So, if you have had success in the last few weeks, please share it with us all. This rain has left my fishing high and dry…

Fall 2012

12/9/12: I just returned from a week in Sanibel, Florida. Beautiful weather–fished everyday. Cold, wet & grey in Kentucky–must be nearly Sauger time…

11/18/12: I hit Scott County Park for a couple of hours before dark, and managed to land two trout, one about 10 inches, the other about 14 inches (and a real fighter!). It is a great time to hit the FINs lakes around the state–trout love cooler temperatures. If you’re not in the woods looking for meat-on-the-hoof, there’s great tasting trout in the water right now…

10/26/12: As a follow up to the announcement about Jacobson Park joining the FINS program, Fish and Wildlife stocked 4000 rainbow trout (keeper-sized) into the lake on Tuesday, October 23. My experience with these stocking events would suggest that they will be hitting hard and fast this weekend. Rain is in the forecast, but keep in mind that trout love the rain (what fish wouldn’t, really?). Don’t forget that a trout stamp is required to keep trout–check regulations for details.