Beaver Lake, Lawrenceburg, KY

Update 4/20/13

4/20/13 Largemouth at Beaver Lake.

I headed down to Beaver Lake with a friend this morning. We rented a jon boat with a small motor for the day, and set out in the 43° and sunny weather. After rounding the bend at the middle of the lake, we headed for the back of furthest cove and began casting. A short time later, my friend Robin landed a nice 12 inch largemouth. That was the big catch of the day, but it was followed by a nice 9-inch bluegill and several smaller bass and bluegill. It is still a little cool, so the bite wasn’t intense today, but the fish are starting to get active.

July 4, 2010

Beaver Lake, a 158 acre impoundment about 8 miles southwest of Lawrenceburg, KY, lies only about 40 minutes away from Lexington.  I’ve looked at it on the map for over a year, planning to visit, but never quite getting there.  On July 4th, I finally headed that way, kayak in tow.  Heading through Versailles, I followed 62 across the river, through Lawrenceburg, and 6.2 miles out of town—turn right at the sign for Beaver Lake, and end up in the parking lot of the marina and ramp.

There is a launch fee-$5 for boats (10hp max, idle speed passing anglers, no swimming), and $3 for kayaks/canoes. The marina, open 7-7 in the summer, sells bait, drinks, snacks, ice, and gas.  There is also a campground adjacent.

The lake has a reputation for big shellcrackers and bluegill—up to 2 pounds (a 2-lb panfish fights like a 5-lb bass, by the way).  The lake is V-shaped, and the best fishing is purportedly in the fingers of the western side of the V.  The marina is at the top of the eastern side of the V, and the paddle to the “good” side of the lake is about 1.25 miles (into the wind and 92 degrees, when I visited).  Early on, I did hook up a nice 11 inch female bluegill (lighter coloring indicates female), using a red worm, weight, and slip bobber, fishing the bottom of a small cove.  I caught another one, very similar, on the inside point of the V, where a gradually dropping bank holds fish.

I spent most of the time fishing for bass, though.  I threw a variety of crankbaits, spinners, and a jig, but nothing more that a couple of random sunfish struck.  There were lots of pontoons running the lake, pleasure cruising on the holiday, and the water was a bit muddy.

Beaver Lake is fairly pretty, and isn’t too far from Lexington.  I need to head back in cooler weather to try again for more action, but as it stands, there was a lot of paddling for not much in the way of fish.  There is a 15 inch minimum on bass, and 12 inch minimum on channel cats.

There is decent (gravel) parking, rental boats and canoes available (the guy quoted $10/half day on a canoe, not bad).  There is a fishing dock near the marina, though I didn’t see what the fee was to fish there, if any.  No alcohol is allowed on the lake.  Two clean port-a-potties were available, well maintained with hand sanitizer. Handicapped access is iffy; the ground is uneven, parking lot a bit rough. The floating fishing dock was modern, and appeared to be accessible, though–I would call first to confirm.

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