Drennon Creek, Henry County, KY

Drennon Creek, Henry County, Kentucky

July 3, 2009

 by John Kirkland

 Drennon is a small tributary of the Kentucky River, winding through Henry County, emptying into the Kentucky a few miles above Lockport.  Drennon is like many other smaller tributaries that can be found in Central Kentucky: mostly rural, meandering, and holding small pools of water where panfish, bass, and catfish live. 

 The day I fished Drennon, I was camping on a friend’s family farm near New Castle, Kentucky.  At a wooded bend in the creek, there is a pool of water about 100 yards long, holding lots of sunfish, bluegill, suckers, and a few bass (and at least one angry copperhead).  I threw my standard chartreuse roostertail, and more or less landed a fish on every cast.  They weren’t big, but they hit the lure like they had never seen food before.  No bass on this trip, but a good dozen or so bluegill and sunfish.  My friends had similar results, with one 8 inch smallmouth taken.

 This wasn’t a particularly serious fishing trip, by any means. It was, however, a good illustration of decent fishing that can be had in addition to other activities.  Often on camping trips, lake parties, and vacations, it is possible to break out a pole and fish a few minutes, sometimes with nice results. 

 I am not sure about public access to Drennon Creek—perhaps someone will leave a comment that can help others find a spot.  It can be good to talk to locals in any area to find out more about where to fish.  Sporting goods stores, bait & tackle shops, and even local gas stations and restaurants can be a good place to run into some folks who will point you in the right direction.  If you aren’t sure about wandering into a local spot to dig up information about places to go, a safe bet is talking to the person working at the sporting goods counter at any Walmart.  They are approachable, and most definitely have heard plenty of stories from customers.  A good place to start, in an unfamiliar area.

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