Elkhorn Mainstem

From the confluence at the forks of the Elkhorn, downstream to the Kentucky River, is the mainstem of the Elkhorn. The scenery is beautiful here, with dramatic palisade cliffs and whitewater cutting through the bucolic valley. There are several public access points for both bank fishing and boat put-in/take-out.

I decided to check out a few spots on a sunny, cool October afternoon. Elkhorn VPA, numbers 1, 2, and 3, lie north of Frankfort. Take 127 north to the top of the long hill leaving Frankfort, turn right on 1900 (Peaks Mill Rd.). From there, it is 3.1 miles to VPA 3 (on the right), another 2.8 miles to VPA 2 (veer left on 1262, then the next left), and another .2 miles to VPA 1, left before the bridge. There is parking at all three locations.

Elkhorn VPA 1
Elkhorn VPA 1

I spent the most time at VPA 1. The parking is near the road, and you follow the signs to the fishing area about 100 yards through a field. There are several places to fish, and there was a lot of fish activity when I was there.

VPA 2 is a few hundred yards upstream from #1. Here, you park, then walk up a trail past a house, then scramble down a steep bank (a rope was available to hold on to). The area is wooded, and there are a few spots, but the area is challenging. The water, however, is a long series of boils and eddies, and appeared to be beautiful smallmouth territory. I fished there for only a few minutes, so nothing impressive to report.

VPA 3 is a small parking area and a bank; this appeared to be the smallest of the three areas.

The Elkhorn VPAs offer nice bank access in a beautiful part of the creek. Check the KDFWR site for rules regarding these sites.

UPDATE 7/31/2016: I fished VPA 3 for a few minutes. There are 3-4 spots to fish there. It is small, and not much room to maneuver, but the water appears to be ideal for smallmouth (nice current, just downstream from small rapids).

Elkhorn VPA 2, looking upstream
Elkhorn VPA 2, looking upstream

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