Hisle Farm park, Fayette County, KY

10/2/2020: I checked out the main pond at Hisle Farm Park, off Briar Hill Rd. in northern Fayette County. It’s not entirely obvious from the road how to find the pond–it is surrounded by dense trees. After driving in the main entrance, you’ll be on a gravel road headed to a barn. About halfway to the barn, you’ll see cattails on the left and a very small pond. Across the gravel road from that, there is a bit of a pull off and some logs that suggest a trail next to a treeline. Park there, and follow that treeline about 70 yards or so, and you will see the pond on the right. There is a dirt path leading to it–in wet weather this would be solid mud. A guy I talked to said the trail runs all around the pond. It’s about an acre and doesn’t appear to be actively managed. Still, some fish were jumping, and I did get a hit or two. No fish caught. It is good to have any additions to the sparse public fishing scene in Fayette County, anyway.

Motor boats aren't required for great fishing!