Kleber WMA Pond, Franklin County, KY

Kleber WMA Pond, Franklin County

April 2009

by John Kirkland

Kleber WMA straddles the Franklin and Owen County lines.  A small two acre pond is situated on the southwest side of the area, and can be accessed from Stamping Ground by going north on 227, then west (left) on 1707, and drive about a mile and a half.  On the right, there is a sign and a gravel parking lot.

On a warm April day, I decided to find and fish this little body of water.  I had looked for it once before, and could not find it.  After consulting the KDFWR site, I found a map online with the location, and set out to check it out.

After parking in the small lot, there is a short walk up the dirt path to the earthen dam.  A dirt path circles the whole pond, surrounded by cedars and openings.  A couple of others were there-one set up for catfishing and a group casting for bass.  It was still cool at that time of year, and there was not much action. After throwing a couple of lures, I switched to worm and hook, and quickly landed a small catfish.  That was all I caught that day.

I’ll have to try Kleber again in the warmer weather.  It is pleasant and quiet, and though it is in the middle of nowhere, it is not terribly far away from Lexington.  Access is by foot only, and the path would be difficult to navigate if you have trouble getting around.  It may be possible, with someone to help, to get a wheelchair onto the dam.

One note about Kleber—it is a Wildlife Management Area, and  is frequented by hunters in various seasons.  I was there during spring turkey season, and could hear hunters calling turkeys.  Also to note, there is a public shooting range located on the other side of the WMA—to reach it, take 227 past 1707, then turn left at the sign for Kleber—signs will guide you to the range. One could fish and sight in a rifle in one afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Kleber WMA Pond, Franklin County, KY”

  1. A few buddies and I trekked out to Kleber a few weeks ago, only locating it by speaking with the a local KY F@W Officer. Tird cast with a crankbait, a 4lb. channel cat struck. I was amazed, as were my buddies. Thinking this was a good sign, we stayed for a few hours, only to nab a 6in. largemouth by my brother.

  2. Went there today 5=23=10, there were no signs up, brush was very over grown it was hard to get past the damn area. Saw lots of small bluegill and 6 inch bass, large carp.
    There were about 10 people fishing there, only small catfish and bluegill were caught. Water was very clear despite the recent rains, very little shade on the pond until about 8;30
    except the shallow end that is hard to get to. That was my experience.

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