Millennium Park, Danville KY

On  drizzly May Saturday afternoon, I decided to check out Danville’s Millennium Park Lake. Located in the relatively new park, behind Boyle County High School, the “lake” is really more of a large duck pond.  The park is nice, and plenty of people were there doing a variety of things. The pond seems to be shallow at the edges, with maybe an 8 foot channel in the center.  There is significant algae, but no serious underwater obstructions that I ran across.

Millennium Park, Danville

I started out throwing a chartreuse blue fox spinner, since this is a FINS lake stocked with trout.  No hits, plenty of algae. I tried a black and red mepps spinner; no hits.  Finally I switched to a worm on a slip bobber, which allows the worm to sink to the bottom.  Two hits in thirty minutes, then finally a stunted green sunfish. Other people fishing there seemed to be catching the same thing: 4″ green sunfish.  These are generally a leftover from a stream being dammed; they overpopulate quickly, and offer little for fishing or the growth of gamefish.

So, with one visit, things don’t look great for fishing at Millennium Park, yet. Perhaps a few years of proper management will improve the situation.

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