Otter Creek, Muldraugh, KY

May 12, 2018

After several years of looking at this online, I finally made it to Otter Creek, nestled between Fort Knox and the Ohio River.

I took my four-year old daughter and wife, so I was searching for a shallow area where my daughter could play. After asking an online group about a good location, Blue Hole was recommended, as it features a wide, shallow area, adjacent to good fishing.

I spent about two hours casting a chartreuse spinner. In that time I caught a 12-13 inch rainbow trout and a small smallmouth. At a bend down stream, I could see dozens of various sized fish. Throwing the lure once, a trophy-sized smallmouth, between 20-24 inches, rose up, but didn’t strike.

The location is beautiful, and the fishing seemed pretty active. I’d like to go back, sometime.

Blue Hole is a 10 minute, 1/2 mile walk down a gentle grade from the parking area. Easy enough, with only a few slightly rocky spots. Also mentioned as a possibility was the Garnetsville area, visible from the highway prior to entering Otter Creek.


Motor boats aren't required for great fishing!