South Central Kentucky

South Central Kentucky

For reference purposes on this site, South Central Kentucky roughly contains the areas around Bowling Green, East and South of Owensboro, South of Elizabethtown to Berea, West and South of Somerset. More or less…

Currently, we have reports from Shanty Hollow and Rough River–and we’d love to have more. It is hard for me to reach all these areas, so it is up to folks in this area to share what they know. Thanks!

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  1. Couldn’t log in using last years account. Anyway, been doing mostly crappie fishing this spring and it has been phenomenal. Lots of keepers at Fox Cliff in Rough River. Using mainly minnows at 2-4 ft depth. This rain has made the area unfishable for awhile, should be good next weekend.

    1. Thanks for the update. I’ll create a Rough River page–feel free to send more about what is going on there.

      I’ll look into the login issue-I had to make some changes in the forum software a few months back. Over a thousand fake users were signing up each week and trying to post spam comments, and it was taking me about two hours per week to clear the spam.

  2. Fox Cliff (Rough River, Ky): This was my first time putting my 10 ft Pelican Bass Raider in a large lake so I was a tad hesitant. However, I quickly discovered this is a perfect place for small boat fishermen such as myself. The lake is very narrow here and larger boats rarely travel through this part of the lake. We fished for an hour late one evening and caught 5 bluegill and 2 large mouth bass. We made a return trip the following morning and fished for maybe three hours and we caught 20 total fish. I lost a nice large mouth early due to my drag being too lightly set. We had our best luck, yet again, fishing a strike king bitsy pond minnow (Tennessee shad). I would say we caught 15 or so on that bait while the others were on a white curly tail small jig. I HIGHLY recommend the Tennessee shad bitsy minnow by strike king. I bet we have caught 100-150 fish on that bait alone. For large mouth, bluegill, rock bass, and crappie you will be hard pressed to find a better bait.
    We are making a return trip to Fox Cliff on Saturday.

  3. 7/4/13- Caneyville Water Reervoir: First hour of fishing was a waste of time as the algae made the water unfishable on one half of the lake. We then trolled across the lake to the first brushy point we could find, and our luck changed dramatically. For the next 3-4 hours we proceeded to catch 30-40 bluegill and crappie. These were mostly 5-7 inch bluegill and included an 8.5 inch catch as well. It was easily the biggest bluegill I have ever caught. I caught all of my fish on a Rapala Shad Shallow. It was easily the best bait of the day, but we also caught fish on a blue curly tail jig and a white rooster tail. This was an awesome fishing trip that was actually made better by the light rain as I think it kept some other fishermen at home. I can’t wait to go back!

  4. Figured I would make the first post for South Central Ky and give a few reports on some places I have fished.

    7/3/13- Shanty Hollow Lake: Caught 2 nice 13-15 inch bass early on a buzz bait and a frog but didn’t get another hit until about 8 or 9. Caught two more nice 14 inch bass casting from close to the bank towards the middle of the water on large spinner baits. We had a fun trip but couldn’t find exactly what the fish wanted. The frustrating part about the trip was the lack of small pan fish. We used corn, worms, rooster tails, etc and didn’t even get a hit on from a bluegill. In fact, the only bluegill we saw was a dead one floating on top.

    7/1/13- Jugville Lake: Caught 7 12-14 inch bass all on buzz baits from about 5-7 am. Fun trip with very active fish. Mainly fished around the trees as the bass were very active. Stayed until 9 but didn’t catch any fish after 7 am. Overall, had an awesome trip. Can’t wait to get back there.

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