Shanty Hollow Lake, Bowling Green, KY

Shanty Hollow Lake is a 109-acre reservoir a short drive north of Bowling Green, KY. There is a ramp available on the southeast corner of the lake. A Google map is embedded below to help guide you there.

I haven’t had the chance to visit this lake personally, but a user submitted a report. It would be great if other users could let us know about access to the water, and how the fishing is there.

Chad Johnston submitted the following report:

7/3/13- Shanty Hollow Lake: Caught 2 nice 13-15 inch bass early on a buzz bait and a frog but didn’t get another hit until about 8 or 9. Caught two more nice 14 inch bass casting from close to the bank towards the middle of the water on large spinner baits. We had a fun trip but couldn’t find exactly what the fish wanted. The frustrating part about the trip was the lack of small pan fish. We used corn, worms, rooster tails, etc and didn’t even get a hit on from a bluegill. In fact, the only bluegill we saw was a dead one floating on top.

Thanks for the update, Chad!

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  1. There is a great entrance ramp to the lake as you pull in. It is all paved and well kept. To my knowledge, that is the only entrance ramp to the lake.

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