Southland Christian FINS Lake, Nicholasville, KY

Southland Christian Church is a very large church on Harrodsburg Rd. (US 68) just south of Brannon Rd. in Jessamine County. In 2018, the church opened its small lake to the FINS program. The lake is open for fishing Monday-Saturday.

I visited in November, 2018, about three weeks after the fall trout stocking to see if there were any trout left. After an hour of casting, and no hits at all, it wasn’t looking too good. One guy who had been there for a while did manage to land one trout, but that was the only fish I saw.

The lake is more of a pond. There is ample parking, but except for the far end of the lake, the banks are semi-steep around the sides. There is an aeration system in use there, suggesting this is a shallow pond that gets hot in the summer.

It’s great that the FINS program continues to expand. I don’t have high expectations of small ponds that are new to the program, as they are hit pretty hard, early on. I may give this one a year or two before I try again, to let the newness wear off.

Motor boats aren't required for great fishing!