Stoner Creek, Central KY

Stoner Creek

On a hot July afternoon, I stepped onto the bank of Stoner Creek in Clark County, and threw a chartreuse roostertail into the still, greenish water. Two seconds later, a healthy 8-inch bluegill was on the line. Within twenty minutes, three sunfish and two small largemouth bass had been landed and released, as well. Stoner was a quick break in the shade from a farm pond I had been fishing with friends, but the brief visit showed the potential of a healthy Central Kentucky creek.

Winding through Bourbon and Clark Counties, Stoner has a reputation for smallmouth fishing. Largely bordered by private property, access is an issue, though some access points do exist. Fryman’s Boat Dock on Spear’s Mill Rd. is one such point. Additional access can be gained in the town of Paris, KY.

Having visited for only a few minutes, I can’t say much about Stoner, but I have heard varying reports of success. Hopefully I will have a chance to visit again and report back soon. If you know anything about how to access Stoner, techniques, etc., please leave a comment below—Thanks!

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  1. i have stoner creek running through my property not much and deepest part maybe 8 ft but about a football field length is all i have but i have numerous bass some great looking sunfish(pumpin seeds) and it holds great bait fish for catfishing like creek chubs and other small fish there is a very very few selected areas in winchester that u can fish at mainly off bridges and such but is very dangerous so be advised what i usually do is good map it and find a spot what i have been since i have found this site i will be posting alot to here since every weekend all i do is fish anyways o and i have caught some mud cats bull heads and a few channels i guess from local farm ponds running over when flooded 🙂

  2. Stoner Creek is probably our second venue to visit behind Jacobson Park Lake (we live in Lexington and our fishing party usually includes a nine and an eight year old).

    We have a favoured spot under a road bridge that can be hard to get down to but once we do it is always worth it. Very tranquil and peaceful it also serves up a nice number and array of fish for the kids to catch.

    The first time I went down there with my 9 year old son we caught 10 in about three hours. I had six to his four but we had a real mixture of fish as we pulled in bluegill, largemouth and some creek chub.

    The second time was with my 8 year old daughter. She kicked my butt 10-3 and had an absolute ball doing so. We pulled in bluegill, sunfish, probable rock bass (I need to check this) and creek chub.

    Stoner Creek bank fishing may not be the type of fishing the big bass chasers look for but it is ideal for young children to get accustomed to the sport while experiencing the outdoors and nature.

  3. Absolutely, but it would be a pretty good paddle up to where we were having luck. The water is still with the lack of rain we’ve had so you won’t be battling currents. As a matter of fact, we saw a couple kayakers on our way out. Beware of larger boats though, after about a mile upstream the no wake zone ends. Guys that are familiar with the creek were flying but all idled by my 12ft. jon. Everyone was very friendly and a couple old timers offered up sound sound advice.

    One said, “if I only had one bait to bring, it would be a white spinner bait.” He was right on, because after he shared that tidbit, we switched to the white Beetle Spins and started tearing it up!

    Great site by the way, I have been visiting it for a while looking for ideas, thanks!

  4. I fished Stoner in Paris this weekend and had a great time. No big fish but white Beetle Spins are the name of the game here if you are just looking for action and not trophies. My buddy and I caught Bluegill (one REAL nice one), Rock Bass, Largemouth, and Crappie. Twice during the morning we had fish on the line at the same time! Landed 20+ fish and got many more bites that didn’t hook up.

    The best fishing is up stream away from the golf course and water treatment plant. I know of no good spots to bank fish this stream but a canoe or small jon boat can be used at the popular put-in in town to get you there. I observed schools of shad being pushed to the surface by bigger Largemouth the entire length of the trip, so I assume that live minnows or bigger swim baits could be used to entice the larger fish. I look forward to going back and trying some new methods. Very healthy stream above town.

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