Taylorsville Tailwater, Taylorsville, KY

Taylorsville Lake Dam is located between Bloomfield and Taylorsville, KY.  The Corps of Engineers built a nice access point below the dam, where the lake waters gush out in the spillway.

The area is relatively nice, as far as fishing areas are concerned–ample parking, restrooms (permanent “vault” type, sort of a modern outhouse), a picnic area, and a paved trail that runs from the parking area to the base of the dam and around to the other side of the spillway. The picture above shows a view of the dam and spillway, and the concrete (or asphalt?) covered rock bank below.

The current is strong, and multiple species swim to the base of the dam to feed. A fellow next to me caught a trophy-sized walleye (maybe 24″) on his first cast, using a chatterbait with a white tail. I managed to catch only a bluegill (seems to be my “signature” catch), but had a few hits on both top water and bottom rigs. I cut the bluegill into cut bait, and each piece got hit and picked off before I could set the hook.

I’ve been seeing pictures of folks catching a variety of species at this spillway: hybrid stripers, flathead, walleye, sauger, drum, and the occasional snagged asian carp (they jump out of the water every minute or so in the rushing water. )

It is an interesting spot, about an hour from Lexington, and probably a similar distance from Louisville. From Lexington, take the Bluegrass Parkway to exit 34, go left off the ramp to head north on 55, through Bloomfield, then turn right on 2239. There are signs pointing to Taylorsville. After going over the dam, the tailwater access road is on the left, just next to a beige building.

October 2018 update: I stopped by for an hour and a half on a hot October day. I managed to catch a 10 inch largemouth casting a heavy chartreuse roostertail across the raging river, about 30 yards downstream from the spillway. Asian carp were jumping actively at the spillway.



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