White Hall Park Lake, Madison County, KY

August 22, 2011

I took a Monday vacation day off, with a goal of fishing some new places in central Kentucky.  White Hall Park Lake, located in Northern Madison County, is part of the Fishing in Neighborhoods program with KDFWR. I had seen it online, and wanted to check it out. The lake and park are adjacent to Whitehall Historic House.

The lake looks like maybe 3 acres, has a nice fishing pier, and cattails line about 80% of the banks.  There are several spots to access the water, including the dam, which is clear of vegetation.  The water is crystal clear, with patches of weeds.  I didn’t hook anything solid on the bottom–weeds pulled clear that I snagged, and so never lost a lure.  There is good handicapped parking & access to the pier, and a paved trail runs around the lake.

I arrived at 11:30 AM, not typically the best time to fish, but it was only 80°.  Trout were jumping all over the lake, and the Fish and Wildlife fish stocking truck was there dumping a load of new catfish, about 10-11 inches.

I threw several lures from the pier, trying to hook a trout.  Then I switched to a carolina-rigged tube minnow, and got a couple of uncommitted hits.  Finally, I rigged a live nightcrawler, carolina style, and immediately started to see some action.  A bluegill, followed by a 10 inch largemouth, not bad. Then a nice 14″ largemouth took the bait, and after a short fight, was landed.

There is  a 15″ minimum for bass, so he went back in.  Fun to catch, though.

White Hall is a very nice, clean little lake. The park is wide open, and has a picnic shelter and playground.  The crystal clear water makes mid-day lures a difficult bet, but late-day and early morning might see some more action from spinners and crank baits.

Getting there:

From Lexington, take I-75 south, past the KY River, to exit 95.  Turn right (west), past the Shell station.  The road ends at White Hall.


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  1. This is a great place to sit back an relax i have not been since about 1st week of april it was still chilly but i was still able to catch my limit on rainbow trout (need stamp for those so dont keep unless u have them) which i have one and caught my limit on some nice channels…i caught my channels on chicken liver and shrimp with night crawler combo on bottom far as u can cast it…about after 1pm that day which i arrived there around 7ish am the trout started hitting i could not catch them on anything but chicken liver..i never knew they would like chicken liver so well i also experienced this at another fins lake in mt,sterking (walk and park) i was dead line for both i first started out on slip through bobbers but it was windy and figured it could have played a role of my bait being moved on the bottom and no sooner as i changed the way i was fishing bam the bite was on..my wife 3 years ago caught a 3 1/2 lb black bass i have a picture some where but asked the gain warden he said its a rare catch like muskey there a large mouth and small mouth mixed bass it was black as night but beautiful i was wanting to make dinner with him/her but instead throwed it back for someone else to enjoy later

  2. I didn’t even know this lake existed until this year. I’ve caught tons of 10-14 inch bass floating minnows and nightcrawlers out here this summer. The bottom is covered in weeds so I have to use a bobber 3-5 feet deep. I’ve caught some really nice size channel cats this year too. Not a lot of fishing pressure, a great place to disappear for the afternoon.

    1. They don’t really advertise the exact dates, but you can see when it was stocked after the fact on the FINS website’s trout stocking page. Seems to usually happen the middle of the month. It is best to wait about three days after trout are released because it takes time for them to adjust to a new pond. I’d check that site every few days.

  3. Decided to try another one of the Urban fishing program lakes as we had good success at Lake Mingo in Nicholasville. Went last Saturday Sept 10th with my son and one of his friends (they are both 9). Fairly easy to get to off of I75. Nice access with a paved trail around the entire lake. Water is very clear with reeds surrounding about 90% of the lake.

    We did not get to the lake until approximately Noon as my son had a football game earlier. Kids used their trusty Zebcos with bobber, slipshot and nightcrawler. Had a considerable amount of nibbles from some rather irritating bluegill and also my son’s friend landed two bass (one 12″ and other 14″). Decent action with the bluegills nibbling away for the kids entertainment, but difficult to land as they did not strike very hard. They also have a dock, but did not see anybody catching much from there.

    Overall was a good lake for the kids at their expericence level in that they were able to be entertained with the bluegills. Would go again, but will try to get there earlier in teh morning.

    Good Luck

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