Breech Inlet, SC

Breech Inlet

 by John Kirkland

A bridge connects Sullivans Island to Isle of Palms, and under that bridge is Breech Inlet.  The tidal current is very fast here (swimming is prohibited).  There is a parking area on the Sullivan’s Island side, and a path to a beach and jetties.  A person can fish from the beach or the bridge, and there are usually anywhere form a handful to dozens of people fishing the stretch in nice weather.  Fish, dolphins, and the occasional manatee move through the passage, following the tides, searching for food and shelter in the marsh grass and oyster beds. 

 I fished Breech one afternoon for about two hours.  I didn’t catch much (one small whiting), but I noticed others reeling in spadefish, rays, and other species.  I did see a rather large, dark-colored shark jump almost completely out of the water while attacking a fish on the surface.  Locals report that this is a good spot to catch sea trout and redfish (red drum/spottail bass), along with tarpon, sharks, and sheepshead.  It is easy to access, easy to find, and easy to park at Breech Inlet.

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